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As aware humans, we all want a great set of 'Go To' training, self-healing and effective soul-aligning tools that help us manage life's daily craziness like a pro... and more importantly, which allow us to continually up-level our life and actualise our greatest potential. SELF-MASTERY is the goal... discovering our unique energy blueprint, clearing inner limitations and mindset blocks, and overcoming overwhelm, is the KEY! You can feel safe to evolve into your awesomeness, knowing that My Holistic Nurse has got your back.
My Holistic Nurse Founder, Kristy Lee Rackham

Nurse-Led Learning

Activate positive, sustainable healing changes

  • Tailored Programs

    All students receive a tailored Holistic Health Pathways Plan developed in partnership with My Holistic Nurse founder, Kristy Lee Rackham, to get your onto your best healing track and keep you moving forward with ease, grace and joyful momentum.

  • Online Mentor

    Experience expert guidance from Registered Nurse + Master Intuitive Healer of 30 years, Kristy Lee Rackham. This gives you a strong safety-net and deep peace of mind to explore your inner landscape for lasting positive change. My Holistic Nurse Mentor is available via digital resources and tele-health, live online or phone. This means you can get the right support from where you are, when you need it most.

  • Supportive Soul Space Healing Portal Community

    Connect with others on the lighter path via our exclusive private 'soul space' of like-hearted, soul aligned beings. Bonus live coaching with Kristy and a resource library of over 100 hours additional healing and Sacred Energy Mastery teachings in a safe, supportive and nurturing space to connect and explore your new approach to life!


Kristy offers limited private Sacred Energy Mastery Breakthru sessions each month. Copy and paste the link below to open her private session calendar.

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