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With life's challenges and uncertainties, we all need a practical, efficient and effective skill-set that can shift us out of chaos and into calm. Learning how to 'calm your farm' on demand is key to creating inner spaciousness and peace so you can handle life's daily chaos with more ease and grace. Life is here to be lived... lived WELL! It's time to 'skill-up', sort out your stress, and get the support you need to ACTIVATE and ACTUALISE your greatest potential!

Nurse created curriculums

Activate positive, sustainable changes for life

  • Nurse Created Content and Lived-Experience Mentoring

    Experience expert mentoring and caring guidance with our program creator, Kristy Lee Rackham (BNurs, CertCouns, CertMT, CertMR/EFT, T.A.P.) and her team. You are assured the peace of mind that you're exploring your inner landscape and expanding your capacity under the guidance of a team of facilitators who have lived-experience and professional expertise with mental health and healing, disability and neurodivergence. Your program mentors and facilitators are available during your training via phone, messenger and email so you can get the right support from where you are, when you need it most.

  • We ❤ NDIS

    We support self and plan managed NDIS participants and can work with you to access our skills and self-development training programs using funding categories such as Training for Carers/Parents, Social & Community Participation, or Improved Daily Living. You will receive a customised invoice and service agreement when participating in any of our programs. We are keen to work with you to ensure your unique needs are being met throughout the program.

  • Supportive Online Peer Community

    Our orientation coaches personally get you settled in and get you comfy with using the technology and navigating our online program space so you are confident to start learning, learn consistently, and avoid any unnecessary anxiety! This means you are fully supported to succeed in our programs. You can also connect with like-hearted peers in our safe, supportive and nurturing online community. Share your wins, explore new ideas together, and get more help from others walking the same path.


Kristy offers limited private mentoring sessions each month. Copy and paste the link below to open her private session calendar.

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