Highly sensitive people and their families LOVE the program!

Reviews and Testimony

“Thankyou for this morning's session. I found it educational, empowering and inspiring! My daughter shared a 'betrayal/trust' situation with one of her good friends. I was able to listen to her and share some of your tools with her! YOO HOO!”

Mother of ND Young Adult and Finance Professional

Ms Bern M.

“Today I was actually beginning to notice my meltdown, and then was able to stop it, and I apologised to my wife... next step is to catch it sooner, and do the three breaths, then begin tapping. I can do this Kristy!”

Counsellor and Neurodivergent Dad

Mr Matt S.

“Because of my ADHD, I was getting quite overwhelmed thinking about making a list and having to re-listen to everything over again, only to go in and find that you've labelled every skill for me! Skills #1, Skill #2 etc. Ohhh my, I feel so wonderful and less 'screechy' that I have them all listed like that right there PLUS you've written out exactly when to use them! There has NEVER been a course EVER that I haven't had to go through and re-write the content into a version I could understand. The relief is palpable!”

Autistic/ADHD Mum of 4 Neurodivergent Children

Mrs Sam M.

Designed By Neurodivergent Nurse and Sacred Energy Mastery mentor specifically for Highly Sensitive People

Key Program Information

  • Decelerate Sensory 'Meltdowns'- Yours and Theirs!

    Your holistic health is key to creating a harmonious family eco-system and guiding your family to emotional, mental and physical resilience for life's 'curve balls'. Learn how to holistically improve your own sensory self-regulation capacity so you can be a confident, calm, responsive and present parent/adult. Understand brain, body and behaviours in meltdown mode, learn rapid-acting approaches to decelerate and manage daily challenges with empowering, practical and effective tools to help regulate difficult emotions like panic, anxiety and overwhelm, lessen the extremes of 'meltdowns' and recover faster.

  • Targeted 'Tapping' for Fast and Effective Relief from Stress and Distress

    Being a Highly Sensitive person is challenge at the best of times... add to that the impact of raising highly sensitive families, our own ambient sensory stress levels can peak out and cause mind, body, soul crashes. Visit the Coaching and Tapping ‘Video Vault’ night or day and do a transformative and targeted neurological rewiring EFT and Therapeutic Applied Tapping protocols to get in the moment relief. Choose a tapping session to shift common neurodivergent mindset and emotional blocks and triggers. Or for a fascinating and inspirational lift, access focussed, enlightening and inspired coaching around the most pressing community concerns and challenges so you can better understand the struggles, rewire worries and 'mindset loops', recover from physical distress faster, and more gracefully move through life.

  • Self-Discovery, Support and Skills

    Start to discover and develop a greater self-acceptance, confidence and self-respect so you can feel better about yourself, your life and raising your little sensory souls. You'll learn holistic skills to help understand what your own neurodivergent needs, understand and work with the flow of your energetic cycles, learn how to be and trust your 'authentic self' and safely drop your 'masks', setting healthy boundaries, and how to communicate more effectively for better self-care and harmony in all relationships - from kids to co-workers - so you can lead your family to greater health, harmony and happiness.

  • Make Your Skills Stick, Consistently

    One of the big challenges for neurodivergent people is remembering what you've learned and implementing it consistently for long term results! We'll help you make sure your skills STICK in daily life via regular prompts in our online community group and reminder emails from our online course platform. When you graduate, take up the offer to stay in the group for ongoing accountability, stick-ability to maintain momentum in your new found resilience and soul-aligned approach to spectrum life.

  • Global Community Connection with Others Who 'Get You'

    Being highly sensitive and soul-led can be isolating when trying to get along in a world designed for and by Neurotypical brains. Our supportive online global community allows you to connect with Kristy, and your peers all around the world! Share your experiences using your newfound skills, express your 'wins', find friends, end the silent suffering and stress, and feel the relief and joy at being around more people who 'get you'!

  • Bring a Study Buddy for Free!

    We believe the whole family needs these skills for improved quality of life and greater harmony at home. That's why our enrolment fee allows you to bring a STUDY BUDDY for FREE - Bring a spouse, co-parent, support worker, carer, grandparent or teens (aged 16+).

  • Payment plans and NDIS*

    Don't let money be the reason you don't get the help you need. We can support you with a payment plan and can accept NDIS funding* Categories may include Skills Development +Training, Parent/Carer Support Training, Social+Community Participation. We work WITH you, or your plan manager, to make this do-able for you with as much ease as possible. Click the Button above to chat with us about options.

What You'll Learn

Relieving Parental/Carer stress and anxiety, resourcing families, and creating a happy, healthy and harmonious family ecosystem.

🌱Multiple emotional self-regulation skills and effective strategies to better manage anxiety, stress and trauma.

🌱Holistically understand the brain and behaviours of Highly Sensitive/Autistic/ADHD behaviour from a mind, body, spirit perspective - yours and your Family's!

🌱New communication strategies and a universal communication formula that doesn't require 'masking' or 'conforming'.

🌱Know how to trust your self first, and then how, when and where to trust others safely.

🌱Experience mindful practices, breathing techniques and tapping to quickly recover from rising anxiety, panic and overwhelm.

🌱 Discover how to integrate effective and powerful stress management skills more easily into everyday life activities.

🌱Improve your 'window of tolerance' for stressful events, new situations and difficult emotions.

🌱How to introduce new healthy behaviours and skills into life so that they STICK to enable long term improvement in quality of life.

🌱Embrace self-discovery processes that help to uncover the 'real you' and your children's Neurodivergent gifts and talents.

🌱Empower you and your kids to 'DIFF-ability' superpowers and avoid their kryptonite.

🌱Integrate effective lifestyle modifications, improvements and person centred management.

🌱Understand their and your emotions and why triggering happens.

 🌱Better understand common neurodivergent behaviours in your children at different development stages and how to resource them for adulthood.

🌱How to create family harmony and improve the quality of the family ecosystem.

🌱Discover the missing link of Neurodivergent energetics in the management of relationship dynamics and challenges.

Support, Skills and Self Discovery for Neurodivergent Adults, Parents and Carers.

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What You Get

Real-Time Support + Self-paced Program for Better Neurodivergent Lifestyles

  • 4 x 60min STRESS-REGULATION AND RESILIENCE SKILLS TRAINING: Pre-recorded video masterclasses to rapidly soothe your senses, stress, overwhelm and anxiety, and help you anchor a runaway mind in daily life situations and to diffuse common parenting/caring challenges. Designed specifically for highly sensitive people, 'busy brains'.

  • 4 x 60min SELF-DISCOVERY and DEVELOPMENT COACHING: Pre-recorded video masterclasses. Dive in and get to know the 'real you' behind the masks and 'stress skins' you've been living in, discover how to make positive changes stick in real daily life and create lifestyle sustainability.

  • 8 x 60min TARGETED TAPPING + COACHING SESSIONS. Practical and therapeutic neuroplasticity re-wiring sessions to actively address, regulate, diffuse and decelerate difficult emotions and mindsets like; resistance to change, anxiety, overwhelm, fear, loss, anger, frustration, guilt, perfectionism, rumination...and more! This fast and effective holistic healing intervention helps shift and lift your capacity to be clear, calm and confident.

  • SELF-PACED LEARNING DESIGNED FOR ADULT NEURODIVERGENT MINDS. Created, expertly and intuitively guided by Neurodivergent Coach/Counsellor, Kristy Lee Rackham, trained Nurse (non-practicing) and mum of two teen ASD/ADHD kids... The Framework is flexible with audio, video and text, easy to digest content with a 'catchup week' at week 5 for integration time, experiential real world practices that work with your busy schedule.

  • CONNECT IN OUR SAFE ONLINE COURSE COMMUNITY with people and parents like you to share the journey, encourage each other, and stay on-track with regular 'pop-ins' and tips from our coaches for staying accountable and consistent.

Self-Paced Module Outline

Learn from anywhere in the world in your armchair!

  • 01

    ORIENTATION AND WELCOME: Start here now!

  • 02

    Session 1: The ACT Process

    • TRAINING - A Multipurpose Framework for Self Care, Self Discovery and Transformation [1h19m]

    • NOTES - Kristy's Session Notes

    • SKILL #1- The A.C.T. Process Awareness Tracker


    • SKILL #2 - Awareness Practice with The Curious Observer [2m6s]

    • SLIDE - The Big 4 Meltdown Makers

  • 03

    Sesson 2 - Activating ‘Attentional Focus’ With Mindfulness

    • TRAINING - Soothe overactive senses, a ‘bouncing brain’ or hyper-focused mind using Mindfulness [1h31m]

    • NOTES - Kristy's Session Notes for Session 2

    • SKILL #3 - 'Choose your Challenge' Mindful Practices

    • BONUS #1 Mindful Sound Meditation

  • 04

    Session 3 - Finding Calm in the Gap Between Breaths

    • TRAINING - Rewire your emotional neurology to activate inner peace using a go-anywhere tool - your breath! [1h30m]

    • NOTES - Kristy's Session Notes for Session 3

    • SKILL #4 - Counting the Breath to Create Spaciousness

    • SKILL #5 - These Four Breaths Are Mine

    • SKILL #6 - Heart Breathing to Deal with Disconnect and Disassociation [7m40s]

  • 05

    Session 4 - Therapeutic Applied Percussion (T.A.P)™

    • TRAINING - When you're too triggered for talk therapy, T. A. P. into inner harmony and rapidly decelerate anxiety, stress, panic, pain, overwhelm anywhere, anytime.

    • NOTES - Kristy's Notes for Session 4

    • SKILL #7 - T.A.P. Summary and Video Demo [5 min]

    • SLIDE - TA.P. Self Care Protocol poster

  • 06

    MID TERM BREAK - Catch Up Week

    • NO LIVE PRACTICE - Catch up, Integrate, practice - Notice what’s working best for you and share your journey so far in the FB community.

  • 07

    Session 5 - Know your Not-Negotiables

    • TRAINING - Non-Negotiables and the Three Rights for Consistency, Clarity and Confidence

    • NOTES - Kristy's Notes for Session 5

    • SELF DISCOVERY TOOL #1 - Create your Non-Negotiable Manifesto

  • 08

    Session 6 - The Circle of Trust

    • TRAINING - Developing radical self-trust, so you know who, when, how to trust from a place of confidence and clarity

    • SELF DISCOVERY TOOL #2 - Russ Harris Values List

    • SELF DISCOVERY TOOL #3 - The Circle of Trust

    • TEMPLATE - Blank Circle of Trust

    • SELF DISCOVERY TOOL #4 - Creating Conscious Relationships

  • 09

    Session 7 - Communication of your Boundaries with Calm, Clarity and Compassion

    • TRAINING - Learning 2 Flexible Formulas for Boundaries

    • SELF DISCOVERY TOOL #5 - The Validation Formula

    • SELF DISCOVERY TOOL #6 - The 4MAT Formula

    • NOTES - Kristy's Notes for Session 7

  • 10

    Session 8 - Assistive Tech, Mental Health and Mood Hacks

    • TRAINING - Assistive Tech, Mental Health and Mood Hacks: Using assistive technologies, devices, apps and supplements to wrangle the runaway mind and erratic mood for better overall wellbeing and function.

    • TRAINING - Assistive Tech and Mood Hacks

    • FORM -Fisher Wallace Stimulator Application and Consent Form

    • RESOURCE LIST - All the Links to all the Things!

    • INFO SHEET - Pyrroles Disorder (Pyrroluria)

    • #BONUS EBOOK - "Quick Start Healthy Lifestyle Overhaul" Workbook by Kristy L Rackham

    • NOTES - Kristy's Notes for Session 8

  • 11


    • 1. Release Anxiety and Activate Awareness [54m43s]

    • 2. Clearing Uncertainty and Fear of the Unknown [26min]

    • 3. Clearing Urgency and Impatience to be able to Flow with the Current of Life [52min]

    • 4. Releasing Intergenerational Anger, Shame and Frustration [60m03s]

    • 5. Reducing Feelings of Urgency and Impatience to Go with the Flow [52m04s]

    • 6. Releasing Betrayal, Loss and Resentment

    • 7. Letting Go of Rumination [19m22s]

    • 8. Shifting Procrastination to Creative Flow


Kristy Lee Rackham Neurodivergent Coaching (KLR) is a sole trading business and its founder/director, Kristy Lee Rackham, is a multi-modality practitioner in holistic healing and wellness, and trained nurse (non-practicing). It is not the intention of Kristy Lee Rackham to provide specific medical advice, but rather to provide users with information, education and preventative health mentoring to better understand their health and their diagnosed disorders. Specific medical advice will not be provided, and we urge you to consult with a qualified health practitioner for diagnosis and for answers to your personal medical/disability questions.  You undertake the content of all programs with full informed consent and with self-responsibility for the actions you take during a program,  and no liability shall be brought upon Kristy Lee Rackham, or it's operators, coaches, or affiliate  partners.  All training material, documentation, videos and concepts contained herein are the intellectual property of Kristy Lee Rackham and may not be reproduced in any form without written consent.  International Copyright laws apply, Copyright Kristy Lee Rackham trading as My Holistic Nurse © 2010-2023

Enrolment Price

Enrolment covers the whole family (2 parents/Carers and your children) so that everyone is on the same page and supported. PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE.

  • $500.00

    For NDIS participants or PAYMENT PLAN, please REGISTER YOUR INTEREST FIRST for an invoice or instalment plan.

    Instant Enrolment

About Your Facilitator

Creator and Lead Facilitator: Kristy Lee Rackham

Kristy Lee Rackham, is the Director and Founder of KristyLeeRackham.com and My Holistic Nurse. Her diverse background in tv, advertising and communications, health and healing experience spans 30 years and mirrors the diversity of her being! ______ Kristy’s journey as multifaceted neurodivergent informs her work. She now facilitates other Autistic, ADHD and neurodivergent parents/carers, adults and teens to activate and actualise their unique divergent brilliance in the world challenging conventional approaches to health, wellbeing and disability. ______ Kristy is the innovator of "Therapeutic Applied Percussion™(T.A.P.)", "The A.C.T. Process", "The Me Map™: A Holistic Model for Lifestyle Sustainability". She is also the author of “Head Space: Meditate Your Way to Study Success”, and Editor of “The Late Effects of Polio: Managing Muscles and Mobility” clinical practice publication (Polio Australia) to name a few. The programs Kristy has created and facilitated include “Holistic Health Foundations: Daily Survival to Soul Revival”, “Instant Peace Mindfulness Challenge”, “Sacred Energy Mastery: Holistic Health and Healing”. “Money-stress Mastery” and “The Freedom Factor”. ______ Over the decades of her service in health and healing via her courses and 1:1 private therapy, Kristy has helped thousands of people reclaim their power, activate and amplify their wellbeing. Her online programs have been attended by students all around the world, and the positive effects of her teachings, tools and techniques continue to send ripples of healing waves out into families as a catalyst for positive change for generations to come. ______ Kristy holds a Bachelor of Nursing, Dip. Professional Counselling, plus additional training in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Energy Tapping, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Music Therapy, Matrix Reimprinting, Sclerology, Mindfulness for Peak Performance, Reiki, Healing Touch and Swedish Therapeutic Massage. Her background includes working with A-list celebrities in television production, communications and event management in Australia and overseas. ______

Kristy Lee Rackham

Course Director / Lead Facilitator