The Freedom Factor (Advanced Sacred Energy Mastery)

Mastering Energy, Emotions & Overwhelm

  • Powerful + Practical Tools for Everyday Life

    Practical, flexible and rapid acting tools and techniques to master everyday situations. Easy to integrate into daily life, where and when you need it most to keep moving forward with confidence.

  • Nurse Created + Facilitated Learning

    Tailored program with the extra safety-net and comfort of a complementary health program created and facilitated by holistic Registered Nurse, Master Intuitive Energy Healer, Health Coach and mother of two!

  • Underpinned by Leading Edge Science

    Rapid and effective self-treatment tools backed by leading edge research in mindset, healing and Epigenetic sciences - the new frontier in empowered soul-aligned healthcare.

Course curriculum

  • 02

    MODULE 1: Holistic Health and Activating the Soul Self

    • VIDEO TRAINING : Holistic Health & Healing

    • TEMPLATE : Holistic Health Awareness Tracker

    • ACTIVITY: Creating Your Quickfix Soulshine Toolkit

    • RESOURCE: 14 Powerful Strategies to Relieve Anxiety Naturally

    • AUDIO TOOL: Creating a Container for Spaciousness - Counting the Breath Audio


    • Your Weekly Soulshine "Goals+Intentions" Reflections Reminder!

  • 03

    MODULE 2 : Me Map + The A.C.T. Process to Light Up Your Soulshine Pathway

    • ACTIVITY : Goals and Intentions - Why we need both!

    • VIDEO TRAINING : The Me Map : A Model for Personal Evolution and Lifestyle Sustainability

    • ACTIVITY : Your Values List

    • ACTIVITY : Me Mapping Your Life

    • VIDEO TRAINING: The A.C.T Process

    • RESOURCE: The A.C.T. Process Poster

  • 04

    MODULE 3: MINDSET MASTERY - Know what's in your mind, so you can change it

    • INTRO : What's Your Mind Doing + The 4 A's to Mindset Mastery

    • VIDEO TRAINING: Mind Mastery - Aware, Acknowledge, Allow, Accept

    • ACTIVITY: 10 Steps Worksheet

    • AUDIO TOOL : The Observer 3 min Meditation

    • ACTIVITY: Creating with Conscious Core: Expectations v Standards

    • ACTIVITY: Your Sickness Story vs Soul-shine Story

    • AUDIO TOOL : Overcome Overwhelm with These Four Breaths

  • 05

    MODULE 4: Consciously Connect with Core to Build Your 'Trust Muscle'

  • 06

    MODULE 5: Optimising and Elevating Physical Life Force Energy

    • TRAINING: Inflammation

    • TRAINING: Metabolic Malfunction... More Common Stress Trigger Than You Think

    • ACTIVITY: Common Physical Stressors and What to Do About Them

    • WORKBOOK : Your Healthy Lifestyle Overhaul Quick Start Guide

  • 07

    MODULE 6: BODY CONSCIOUSNESS Decoding Body Wisdom for Transformation

    • INTRO: Accessing The Body's Innate Consciousness

    • VIDEO TRAINING : The Right Kind of Body Conscious PART 1

    • RESOURCE: Body Tracker

    • TOOL: Body Scan Meditation

    • VIDEO TRAINING : The Right Kind of Body Conscious PART 2

    • TOOL: T.A.P. to Ease Emotion and Pain Flareups

    • RESOURCE: EFT Tapping Done-4-You Script: Relieving PAIN

  • 08

    **CATCH UP WEEK **

    • Catch-up and Integrating Tools So Far

  • 09

    MODULE 7 : Creating The Freedom Factor with EFT Tapping

    • TECHNIQUE : Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping) for Deep Transformation

    • TRAINING: EFT Classic Tapping Protocol

    • TRAINING: Positive Only Tapping Protocol

    • TRAINING: Secret Finger Tapping Protocol

    • RESOURCE : Tapping 101 Points Chart

    • ACTIVITY : Create Your Own Tapping Scripts and Troubleshooting

    • ACTIVITY: Your Sickness Story

    • RESOURCE : EFT Tapping Done-4-You Script: Relieving STRESS

  • 10

    MODULE 8 : ENERGY MEDICINE FOR EMPATHS: Powerful practices to access your innate 'Healing Action Potential'

    • INTRO: Awaken Your True Self and Activate to Your Innate 'Action Potential'

    • TRAINING: Energy Medicine - The New Frontier in Health and Healing

    • ACTIVITY: The Pineal Gland Activation Process

    • RESOURCE: The Pineal Gland Activation Meditation AUDIO

    • TRAINING: Energy Literacy: Learning to read, interpret and direct energy consciously.

  • 11


    • TRAINING: The Human Energy System

    • ACTIVITY: The Chakra System

    • RESOURCE: The Chakra System Infographic

    • RESOURCE: The Chakra System Chart

    • RESOURCE: The Meridian System Chart

  • 12

    MODULE 10 : ENERGETIC HYGIENE: Keeping your Energy Clean and Clear

    • TRAINING: Energy Hygiene : Keeping Your Field Crystal Clear

    • TRAINING: How to 'Protect' Your Energy from External Influences with the Soul Star Activation

    • TOOL: Soul Star Activation Meditation

    • TOOL: Energy Clearing with Chakra Breathing Meditation

    • TOOL: Energy Clearing Using EFT Tapping

    • RESOURCE: The Sacred Spiral - Interpretation and Application

    • RESOURCE: Recommended Reading List

  • 13

    MODULE 11 : Surrogate Healing using EFT and TAP

    • TRAINING: Surrogate Tapping Protocol

    • RESOURCE: Guidelines for Direct and Surrogate EFT Tapping for the Whole Family

    • ACTIVITY: Intuitive Energy Assessment Protocol

  • 14

    MODULE 12: Maintaining Momentum on your SEM Journey

    • Confidently Moving Forward and Me Mapping Your Bright Future

    • BONUS RESOURCE: Kristy's Favourites Bedside Reading List

  • 15


    • Quiz: End 'Manage the Moment: Rapidly de-escalate stress, anxiety and overwhelm in daily life'

    • QUIZ: End 'Core Concepts: Mapping Out and Lighting Up Your Conscious Creationary Pathway'

    • TRAINING DAY 1: Mindfulness Challenge - 'Having Mind-Sight'

    • DAY 1 ACTIVITY: Challenge Playbook PDF

    • TECHNIQUE : 6 Day Mindfulness Challenge

    • TRAINING DAY 2 Mindfulness Challenge - 'The Breath of Life'

    • DAY 2 ACTIVITY: Challenge Playbook PDF

    • DAY 2 AUDIO: Heart Breathing Coherence Meditation

    • DAY 2 AUDIO: Counting The Breath Meditation

    • DAY 2 AUDIO: These Four Breaths Are Mine Meditation

    • DAY 3 ACTIVITY: Mindfulness Challenge PDF

    • DAY 3 ACTIVITY: Body Scan Tracker PDF

    • DAY 3 AUDIO: Body Scan Meditation

    • TRAINING DAY 4 Mindfulness Challenge - The Sounds of Silence

    • DAY 4 ACTIVITY: Mindfulness Challenge PDF

    • TRAINING DAY 5 Mindfulness Challenge - "Sensory Perception"

    • TRAINING DAY 6 Mindfulness Challenge - "Maintaining Momentum"

    • DAY 5 ACTIVITY : Mindfulness Challenge PDF

    • DAY 6 ACTIVITY : Mindfulness Challenge PDF

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