T.A.P. Acute Care Provider

Assist those in your care to experience rapid relief

  • Be Endorsed for Effective, Fast Stress Relief

    Become a My Holistic Nurse endorsed provider and help others with this practical, flexible and rapid acting tool that may relieve mental, emotional and physical distress for clients, family and friends. Upskill your personal life or seamlessly integrate with your existing modalities as a health worker, teacher or team leader

  • Nurse Developed + Facilitated Content

    Enjoy the safety net and comfort of a program researched, developed and facilitated by our highly qualified and experienced Founder - Kristy Lee Rackham - Nurse, Holistic Health and Healing Counsellor and Coach, Business Breakthrough Transition Consultant for Health Professionals, Sacred Energy Mastery Master Trainer and mother of two.

  • Access This Course with NDIS Funding

    This stress management course may be processed through your NDIS funding (check with your plan manager). You'll learn new techniques to add to your stress relief toolkit, and the confidence to keep moving forward on your wellbeing and recovery / self-discovery journey.

  • Underpinned by Leading Edge Science

    All elements of the T.A.P. protocols are backed by leading edge, evidence founded sciences including Epigenetics, Somatics, Percussive Therapy, Mindfulness, Neuroplasticity and Bio-energetics, and when combined, T.A.P. sits squarely in the new frontier of person-centred empowered health and wellness.

  • T.A.P. Care Delivery

    T.A.P. delivery is extremely flexible - integrate it into your workplace and stress management practices both online and offline - making it possible to treat a client and support their wellbeing in almost any setting within the community or within your care such as during 1:1 client consultations, tele-health video or phone consults, group workshops or group counselling sessions, bedside, or in the field.

  • Who Can Benefit From T.A.P.?

    This protocol is virtually Universal! Any person who is experiencing distress from difficult emotions, generalised stress, anxiety, panic attacks, overwhelm, confusion, or heightened 'breakthrough' pain flare-ups in those experiencing chronic pain syndromes may benefit.

The T.A.P. ACUTE CARE ENDORSED PROVIDER certificate program is suitable for…

  • Frontline Health Workers, NDIS Providers

  • Team Leaders, HR and OHS officers

  • Teachers and Teachers Aids

  • Parents and carers (particularly of children with ASD, teens or toddlers)

The T.A.P. Protocols

T.A.P. is a surprisingly simple set of holistic self-regulation protocols that may help recipients to rapidly decelerate acute mental, emotional and physical distress without medications via a unique and leveraged fusion of key ‘parts’.

Each key part of the protocol is introduced and layered in specific order to create a harmonic resonance within the body, mind and energy systems. 

T.A.P. is underpinned by cutting edge sciences and modalities such as Mindfulness, Epigenetics, Neuroscience/Neuroplasticity, Somatis and Quantum Physics (to name a few) which show that such practices create rapid heart/brain coherence which may assist to de-activate the fight/flight/freeze response within a matter of minutes, and potentially arrest the development of further stress related illness and chronic dysfunction across all body systems.

The unique combination of Mindfulness and Intention (secular mantras), heart focussed breathwork (heart-rate variability and heart-brain coherence), creative visualisation (limbic system rewiring), and somatic rhythmic percussion/tapping (bio-energetic re-direction) works to holistically address all systems at play during an acute stress flare-up and may help to rapidly regulate the recipient’s experience of distress.

The protocols are FREE of cost to the end user once taught by a certificated provider, and can be both preventative and cumulative when practiced regularly, allowing the user to feel a greater sense of emotional self-control and empowerment to actively participate in their health recovery and overall wellbeing. The more it is used, the faster the system may be ‘primed’ or ‘positively triggered’ to respond, and the effects are potentially gained in even shorter timeframes and under many conditions.

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Course Curriculum

Pricing Options

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Training Outcomes


    One of the BIG KEYS to being successful in your workplace in todays ‘covid’ age, is that you must be extremely flexible and fast-acting. You’ll learn how you can implement T.A.P. in a variety of settings from group sessions (they’re called tapping circles), the self-care protocol or ‘on body’* as an integrated technique in client treatments.


    If you’re wanting to EXPAND your ability to reach more clients in new areas, or want to convert from ‘in-person sessions’ to ONLINE and via REMOTE (tele-health) work, we will help you see how brilliantly T.A.P. works in this way, and how easy it can be to achieve this. This is going to be awesome for you!


    During your training you’ll be able to personally experience the profound impact of resetting your own nervous system. Shifting your mindset, emotions, energy and vitality to new levels of peace, calm and composure so that you are able to be really present and ‘show up’ in your full light at work and home.


    We will cover how to properly assess your clients and colleagues holistic health status with the Me Map ™ and the ‘4 Phases of Healing’ which interface to give you an instant ‘snap shot’ of your client’s current holistic health status, so that you can more easily direct their care (You’ll see where you’re at in your own personal and professional growth too!).


    We’ll help you understand and become proficient in guiding your clients and colleagues in Therapeutic Applied Percussion and how it may create RAPID, powerful, holistic and life-changing shifts in your client’s lives. There are three separate applications of T.A.P. depending on whether your clients are experiencing emotional/mental distress, vs physical distress eg. pain flareups. And of course, we cover off the contraindications to be safe.


    You can choose when, where and how you study with our digital course materials and live practice with volunteer recipients. You’ll have access to the digital learning portal for 6 months, and our on or off 'socials' trainee support groups. Live online mentoring to answer all of your questions, receive feedback on training methods and most importantly to keep you accountable!


    You’ll learn how to easily break T.A.P. down into its separate parts to then easily and clearly guide your clients to rapidly decelerate emotional, mental and physical distress whenever, and wherever they experience it - you’ll get scripts to use and done-for-you templates for conducting a session to make it simple.


    Find out how you may be able to assist people to shift out of chronic energy patterns and stored experiences of distress from historical events, trauma, stress and blocked energy. You'll discover options for ongoing training to GO DEEP into the world of energy psychology/vibrational medicine to further support your clients, enhance their overall wellbeing and health outcomes, and expand your business with our advanced training in T.A.P. Intuitive Transformation Therapy, and Sacred Energy Mastery Holistic Health and Healing certificate courses.


    You’ll have exclusive access to endorsed T.A.P. provider resources for promoting the protocols, such as audio recordings of T.A.P. meditations, scripts for guiding them, how to run a 1hr workshop with all the slides (add your logo too) , website logo to let people know you’re qualified, advertising feedback support and more!


    To make sure you are confident in accurately explaining how T.A.P. works, we’ll look at the evidence-based science that backs the protocols.


    Of course, the program can be added to your Continuing Professional Development points (CPD=12). You’ll be issued a certificate of completion at the end of the course as evidence. *Please check your governing body rules for CPD before commencing program.


    We’ll touch on T.A.P. session timeframes, pricing and positioning to find it’s best fit in your current suite of modalities and practice.

Your Facilitator

You’ll be taught personally by My Holistic Nurse founder, Kristy Lee Rackham. Kristy is the innovator of holistic health tools such as Therapeutic Applied Percussion™, Sacred Energy Mastery™, The A.C.T. Process, and The Me Map™. Kristy is a holistic Nurse, Performance Stress + Anxiety Breakthru Coach, Mentor and Trainer for Health Professionals and corporates, and is a published author and speaker. She has a background in communications, advertising, event management and business, Intuitive Energy Healing, Massage Therapy and more, accumulating 28 years experience in the holistic health and healing sectors. Learning T.A.P. ACUTE CARE with Kristy will let you add immense value and a highly leverageable business asset and endorsement to your existing professional skill-set for the greater good of your clients, community AND family.

Enrol Now and Train at Your Own Pace! Complete all at Once or Steadily Work Through the Content as you Please

Share the gift of calm with clients, friends and family now...

Bonus Resources

We have included the following bonuses so that during your training program with My Holistic Nurse, you are supported to advance your own wellbeing and support you in your work with T.A.P.

  • Lifetime access our wellbeing and self-development resource library in the Sacred Energy Mastery Soul Space healing portal Facebook group. Access Kristy’s Masterclasses, group healing meditations, ‘Tap Along’ mindset rewiring sessions to break through your own energy and mindset blocks to living a thriving life.

  • Slide deck template for presenting FREE Introductory T.A.P. Webinar or group workshop, saving you time and effort, so you can start presenting T.A.P. immediately upon graduation.

  • Guided Audio by Kristy Lee Rackham "Deep Release T.A.P." Meditation for enhancing your own wellbeing, or sharing with clients as a bonus to assist theirs.

  • Video Demonstration of T.A.P. with Kristy Lee Rackham to share as a reminder resource for clients after they’ve attended a live session with you.

  • Scripts for guiding clients through T.A.P. Acute care protocols in your group or private work.