Intuitive Transformation Technique : Healer Training Course


  • Mentoring with Master Intuitive Healer + Holistic Nurse

    You will learn everything you need to know to become a successful Intuitive Transformation Healer with direct LIVE and ONLINE mentoring with Master Healer and Holistic Registered Nurse, Kristy Lee Rackham.

  • Exceptional Student Support and Connection with Like-hearted Souls

    We train EXCEPTIONAL HEALERS, and to do this we provide exceptional support for our students. Join our private discussion group, meet fellow students face-2-face in live, online masterclasses and meetups.

  • Underpinned by Evidence Based and Leading Edge Science

    You will learn rapid and effective self-treatment tools that are both evidence-based and backed by leading edge research in mindset, healing and Epigenetic sciences - the new frontier in empowered healthcare and deep client transformation.

  • Work In-person or Remotely via Tele-Health

    Our healing methods and courses are versatile and are designed for you deliver to your clients either ONLINE or IN PERSON so you can choose the healing practice that suits your lifestyle and serve clients around the world!

Course curriculum

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    MOD 3 - THE MAP AND THE A.C.T. PROCESS: Light Up The Client Soulshine Pathway

    • ACTIVITY : Goals and Intentions - Why we need both!

    • VIDEO TRAINING : The Me Map : A Model for Personal Evolution and Lifestyle Sustainability

    • ACTIVITY : Your Values List

    • ACTIVITY : Me Mapping Your Life

    • VIDEO TRAINING: The A.C.T. Process in Depth

    • RESOURCE: The A.C.T. Process Poster

  • 04

    MOD 4 - MINDSET MASTERY: Changing the mind for sustainable client outcomes

    • INTRO : What's Your Mind Doing + The 4 A's to Mindset Mastery

    • VIDEO TRAINING: Mind Mastery - Aware, Acknowledge, Allow, Accept

    • ACTIVITY: 10 Steps Worksheet

    • AUDIO TOOL : The Observer 3 min Meditation

    • ACTIVITY: Creating with Conscious Core: Expectations v Standards

    • ACTIVITY: The Sickness Story vs Soul-shine Story

    • AUDIO TOOL : Overcome Overwhelm with These Four Breaths

  • 05

    MOD 5: TRAUMA, TRUST AND THERAPY: Empowering core, connection and calm

  • 06

    MOD 6: BODY WISDOM: Decoding, Optimising + Elevating Physical Life Force Energy

    • TRAINING: Common Physical Stressors that Slow Healing

    • RESOURCE: The Healthy Lifestyle Overhaul Quick Start Guide

    • INTRO: Accessing The Body's Innate Consciousness

    • VIDEO TRAINING : The Right Kind of Body Conscious PART 1

    • RESOURCE: Body Tracker

    • TOOL: Body Scan Meditation

    • VIDEO TRAINING : The Right Kind of Body Conscious PART 2

    • RESOURCE: Fact File - Top 10 Inflammatory Foods to Avoid

    • RESOURCE: Fact File - Top 10 Inflammatory Foods to Avoid

  • 07

    MOD 7 : ENERGY LITERACY FOR HEALERS: Powerful practices to access your innate 'Healing Action Potential'

    • INTRO: Awaken Your True Self and Activate to Your Innate 'Action Potential'

    • TRAINING: Energy Literacy: Learning to read, interpret and direct energy consciously.

    • TRAINING: Energy Medicine - The New Frontier in Health and Healing

    • ACTIVITY: Enhancing Intuition :The Pineal Gland Activation Process

    • RESOURCE: The Pineal Gland Activation Meditation AUDIO

  • 08


    • TRAINING: The Human Energy System

    • ACTIVITY: The Chakra System

    • RESOURCE: The Chakra System Infographic

    • RESOURCE: The Meridian System Chart

    • RESOURCE: The Chakra System Chart

    • USING CHAKRAS TO INTERPRET: Assess and transform core energy interference patterns

    • REMOTE VIEWING: Sensing energy across time and space

    • RESOURCE: Intuitive Energy Assessment + Documentation

    • TRAINING: Positive Only Tapping protocols using your Energy Assessment Findings

  • 09

    MOD 9: ENERGETIC HYGIENE: Keeping your Sacred Spaces Clean and Clear

    • TRAINING: Energy Hygiene : Keeping Your Field Crystal Clear

    • TRAINING: How to 'Protect' Your Energy from External Influences with the Soul Star Activation

    • TOOL: Soul Star Activation Meditation

    • TOOL: Energy Clearing with Chakra Breathing Meditation

    • TOOL: Energy Clearing Using EFT Tapping

    • RESOURCE: The Sacred Spiral - Interpretation and Application

    • TRAINING: Setting up your Sacred Space

  • 10

    MOD 10 : SURROGATE HEALING with T.A.P. Intuitive Transformation Technique

    • TRAINING: Surrogate Healing Protocols

    • RESOURCE: Guidelines for Direct and Surrogate EFT Tapping for the Whole Family

  • 11

    BONUS - BUSINESS ESSENTIALS to get your energy healing practice humming and harmonious

    • Designing Your Aligned Business Model

    • Creating a Conscious Business

    • Knowing your Niche

    • Pricing and Promotions

    • Legalities and Insurance

  • 12


    • RESOURCE: Recommended Reading List

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