Rediscover Your Soul Shine

Learn to shift from survival to soul revival in 6 weeks!

  • Powerful Soul-Igniting Practices for Busy People

    Learn to rapidly master your emotional energy in everyday situations, where and when you need it most. Connect with your intuition, access your energy blueprint, awaken your innate self-healing capacity and ignite letting your soul shine!

  • Nurse Developed + Facilitated Content

    The safety net and comfort of a program developed from 30 years training and experience. You are guided by our Founder Kristy Lee Rackham, Sacred Energy Mastery creator, Master Intuitive Healer, Holistic Registered Nurse and Health Coach, and mother of two!

  • Underpinned by Leading Edge Science

    Learn to self-heal using Sacred Energy Mastery practices and efficient tools backed by the leading edge of mind/body/energy science - Epigenetics - the new frontier in empowered healthcare for soulful humans.

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Course Curriculum

  • 01


  • 02

    MODULE 1 : Setting You Up To Soul-Shine

    • INTRO : The A.C.T. Process

    • RESOURCE: The A.C.T. Process Poster

    • ACTIVITY : Set Your Goals and Intentions for this Program

    • RESOURCE: 14 Powerful Strategies to Relieve Anxiety Naturally

    • ACTIVITY : Creating Your Quick Fix Holistic Health Toolkit

    • TOOL: Counting the Breath Audio to Create Spaciousness

    • RESOURCE : EFT Tapping Done-4-You Script: Relieving STRESS

    • RESOURCE : Tapping 101 Points Chart - EFT A4 Tapping Points Poster

  • 03

    MODULE 2: Mindset Mastery with the 4 A's

    • INTRO : Mindset Mastery - Know Where You're At

    • TRAINING: Learning to Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

    • VIDEO TRAINING: Mind Mastery - Aware, Acknowledge, Allow, Accept

    • AUDIO: The Observer 3 min Meditation

    • WORKBOOK: Creating with Conscious Core: Expectations v Standards

    • WORKBOOK: Your Sickness Story + Your Soul-Shine Story

    • AUDIO: These Four Breaths Are Mine Meditation

  • 04

    MODULE 3 : Connect with Core Consciousness

  • 05

    MODULE 4 : Decoding Body Consciousness

    • INTRO: Accessing The Body's Innate Consciousness

    • VIDEO TRAINING: The Right Kind of Body Consciousness - Part 1

    • AUDIO: Body Scan Meditation

    • ACTIVITY: Body Scan Tracker

    • VIDEO TRAINING: Body Consciousness Part 2

    • RESOURCE: Fact File - Top 10 Inflammatory Foods to Avoid

    • TECHNIQUE: Therapeutic Applied Percussion - Rapid Relief While On The Go

    • ACTIVITY : Common Physical Stressors and What to Do About Them

    • RESOURCE: EFT Tapping Done-4-You Script: Relieving PAIN

  • 06

    MODULE 5 : Everything is Energy!

    • INTRO : Everything is Energy

    • TRAINING: Energy Hygiene : Keeping Your Field Crystal Clear

    • RESOURCE: The Sacred Spiral - Interpretation and Application

    • RESOURCE : The Sacred Spiral Template

    • AUDIO : Sacred Spiral Meditation

    • TOOL: Quickie On The Go Energy Clearing Using Tapping

    • AUDIO : Personal Space Clearing and Divine Protection

    • RESOURCE : Aromatherapy for Energy Mastery

  • 07

    MODULE 6: Me Mapping a Bright, Soul-Shining Future

    • INTRO: Awaken Your True Self and Activate Your Innate 'Action Potential'

    • TRAINING : Me Mapping Your Future for Maximum for Momentum!

    • ACTIVITY : The Me Map: A Model for Personal Evolution + Lifestyle Sustainability

    • BONUS RESOURCE: Kristy's Favourites Bedside Reading List

    • TRAINING : Next Steps on Your Path